What if it was possible to be sensitive AND for it to feel good?

Where BE-ing yourself – is the gift that you get to give the world.

Where your sensitivity is not only your gift but the gateway to stepping into the fullest and brightest expression of you.

 My Empathic Queens
I see you…
I know you’re probably wondering….. Can it really feel good to be sensitive? Is that truly possible?
Yes it is. You can exist in all your sensitive radiance AND feel good.
Most Empaths that I meet are torn between trying to mold or fit themselves into the world where they feel their sensitivity is rejected =  shutting down their sensitivity and and as a result feeling numb to life
Going through the world feeling the full weight of their sensitivity, giving all of themselves and ending up burnt out and needing to hide from everyone = feeling so overly sensitive, raw and overwhelmed
But neither of those scenarios feels good.
There is a new way, an empowering and freeing way to EXIST in alignment to who you really are AND for it to feel good.
It’s 100% possible.
The work that is needed to do this is what I call “The Loving Integration of Sensitivity, Soul, + Self”
Integration because it’s about bringing all the fractured parts of yourself that you have pushed away and allowing all of them to exist exactly as they are.
Your Sensitivity.
Your Soul.
Your Human Self.
And bringing them all together with love to allow all of your BE-ing to exist in your full light.
In this fully integrated way of BE-ing you get to fully embrace the gifts of your sensitivity, connect and embody your purpose and create a life that not only feels authentic to you but feels good.

When we want to create a new story, a new narrative – we need to first embrace our own story and all that it has entailed, both the challenges and the joys. It’s through true acceptance that we can begin to create a new plotline that truly matches our inherent value, one rooted in love, truth and ease.

But, why is this important?

We are currently experiencing a transitional and transformational time in history.
A time when things are shifting.
It is more important than ever that we have people who are aligned to their truth, their purpose and their gifts in order to navigate what may be rocky times ahead.
I believe that Empaths and sensitive souls play a INTEGRAL part in this.
What this world needs is more of is emotionally resilient, empathetic, intuitive and sensitive people who can help hold the space for what is to come.
To show others the way down the rocky path.
The power of a fully Integrated + Embodied Empath is rooted in embracing all of yourself and by living in the light of your truth.
It is not about what you do but rather about you being the you that only you can be.
This is your true gift to the world.
Because when you take your challenge and struggle and use it as a doorway into allowing the most magnificent parts of you to shine through – it casts a light that the people around you cannot help but be inspired by.
Despite what mainstream media says, it takes great courage and strength to feel things deeply, to wear your heart on your sleeve and despite pain and struggle, to find a way to still hold hope, love and compassion in your heart for others.
To seen the potential for something better AND be willing to lead the way.
To become a pioneer, a waymaker, a pathfinder who leads by doing your own inner healing + spiritual exploration and in that journey allow yourself to be a guidepost for others.
To heal yourself with love.
To grow with love.
And ultimately to become an embodiment of love that helps to guide others to do the same.




There is a quote by Maryam Hasnaa that says “A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds the space for you to awaken your inner healer, so that you can heal yourself.”

Your biggest challenges are often a portal into your greatest gifts. 

Hi I’m Jenn Berkelmans

As a deep feeler, intuitive and sensitive soul I spent the first 25 years of life feeling the edges of being too much, too sensitive and too emotional. As a result, for most of my life I felt like I didn’t quite fit in. I shunned my sensitive and emotional sides because I thought it would make me more loveable and acceptable. Which led to becoming very skillful at being the “good girl, that said yes to everyone. My desire to “help” others was strong and deeply rooted in survival mode which led to giving at the expense of my own needs, wants and energy.
At 25 years old, after 4 years of a grueling college experience, starting an unfulfilling and dead-end career and receiving a serious health scare – I experienced a huge wake up call. My wellbeing suffered, my joy suffered and my peace suffered, all under the guise of trying to “fit in”. And the truth is that I was so afraid of being the real me because I thought that would make me unlovable.
But my calling to something more would not be quiet and I found myself on a journey of deep inner work (the same work that I use with my clients) and I began to create my life from the ground up. Slowly, I started to integrate parts of my truth, finding what it meant to be authentic and slowly and courageously began to incorporate it into my life and my relationships. Each of those moments felt super scary, but also, were deeply empowering because I began to see what was possible. As my confidence grew, I slowly began to take bigger steps to do the things that really lit me up while finding a deep level of safety and groundedness within myself.
Since stepping into Coaching full time I have worked with many sensitive souls and empaths and I feel so greatly blessed to watch as each person expands and grows into their own purpose, gifts and desires. I truly believe that each person who embodies their purpose and truth is participating in changing the world. You can read more about Jenn here.

You are a work of art. Your life is the canvas in which you get to create your own masterpiece. It’s time to stop handing your brush to other people.

Our souls may dance well together if…..

You are feeling the heavy weight of your sensitivity: You fully recognize that the way that you feels things seems to be different than other people. You also know that being sensitive or Empathic holds great gifts. BUT right now you aren’t able to really see those gifts or embrace them because you feel so weighed down by everything. You’re exhausted and burnt out. But you’re ready to find a new way of navigating your sensitivity, one that honours your energy and feels good.
You love the idea that it’s possible to be sensitive and that it can feel good: What if you could feel more creative, more peace, more joy, more grounded, and more ease and flow in your life (while also sharing your gifts with others). What if your sensitivity is the portal into FEELING GOOD? That it gets to be a very unique part of your existance that allows you to tap into the magic of life.
You’re seeking more authenticity: You’ve reached a point in your life where you are tired of trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations that have imposed on you by others and by yourself. You’re ready to take up space, to express your truth, and to start to live out a more authentic version of you BUT you’re not sure how to go from A to B.
You feel pulled towards something more: You have always had a sense that you were here for a reason, for something special, but, you’re not sure what that is. The idea of finding your purpose feels magnetic and compelling but you’re not sure what that is or how to find it.
You’ve started to figure out this purpose thing but you feel stuck: You’ve made progress in figuring out what purpose means to you and what feels good and authentic to you BUT you keep going in this cycle of starting and stopping which never seems to get you anywhere.

It’s through the process of coming home to our truth, that we find the peace, love and flow that we inherently feel pulled towards.

You love animals of all kinds (in fact it’s a big soft spot.)
You love to learn. You are inspired to learn and have many things that you’d like to learn about that you question if you will have enough time to explore it all. You are mostly introverted + can also be quirky, passionate and social (with the right people of course).
You crave connection but with souls who get you and deep conversations about life, growth, humanness, spirituality and other inspiring things.
You LOVE nature. It inspires you. It pulls you. It fuels and energizes you. It calms and grounds you. Whether you are on a beach listening to the waves, in the middle of the woods or out in a meadow, nature is your ultimate safe space.
You are pulled towards systems that give you a deeper perspective into yourself and others such as Myer-Briggs, Archetypes, Astrology, and Human Design. You feel intrigued by practices based in intuition and connection to source such as tarot, oracle cards, angel numbers and energy work.
You read or listen to the works of Carolyn Myss, Brene Brown, Jeff Foster, Rupi Kaur, Elaine Aron, Rob Bell, Michael Singer or Ted Andrews.
We might get on extra well IF you have your own alter with crystals, items from nature, a salt lamp and a well worn version of Women Who Run With Wolves.

We might be kindred spirits if….

Your soul is always guiding you towards deeper levels of integration, to your truth, and ultimately to being the you, that only you can be.

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