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Embrace Your Authentic Power And Create Meaningful Impact Within The World.

The time for Healers is NOW.

The world is in need of souls who are ready to pave the new way forward.

Those willing to be the mavericks, waymakers, changemakers.

The Healer’s Path are for those who are on a journey of self-healing with love and leading with integrity, truth and authentic self-expression.

Those who desire to create a life of meaning, purpose and Soul alignment.

It’s time for you to shine your light……

Are you ready?

My name is Jenn Berkelmans (she/her), Soul Coach + Transitionary Guide, Breathwork + Yoga Facilitator
I create spaces to support those who are navigating the “in between” that occurs during life and career transitions, shifts in identity, spiritual awakenings and/or seasons of death/rebirth. 
My passionate mission is to support those on the Healers Path who feel called to step into their purpose, to share their gifts with the world and create meaningful impact. 
Through individualized work and community offers I utilize Soul Coaching, Somatic experiences with breathwork, mindful movement and yoga to support others in finding a sense of groundedness, peace and presence while navigating what can feel like a great void of unknown that comes during times of change. 


Ready to Connect Deeper?

You’re Looking for Support in your own Healer’s Path to:

  • Explore your purpose & gifts
  • Activate your intuitive gifts and innate wisdom
  • Connect to your body & emotional expression
  • Embody your truth and authentic voice
  • Explore nervous system regulation

You’re Looking for Support in the expression of your Healer’s Path to:

  • Explore your authentic voice (branding, marketing, content creation)
  • Navigate the emotional challenges of the Healer’s Path and sharing your gifts
  • Create a Soul led business
  • Navigate online systems (website and course creation, system and operational support)