The time for Healers is NOW.

The world is in need of souls who are ready to pave the new way forward.

Those who are on the path to self-healing with love and leading with integrity, truth and authentic self-expression.

It’s time for you to shine your light……

Are you ready?

 My fellow Healer
I see you…
I know how challenging it can be to walk the path of the Healer.
To desire to be of service, to fully express your gifts, but to also feel stuck.
To get caught in the fears that tangle your feet from being able to move forward.

To take big courageous leaps, fail forward, and yet still feel so much doubt about every idea, every thought, and every step forward.
To continually question what it is that you’re doing and whether you should just turn back and give up.

Most Healers that I meet are torn between trying to live in a way that honours their energy and truth while also feeling the pressure to conform and try to do things the way that the world tells us that we should.
 They desire to share their light and be of service to the world but, they also experience so many challenges along the way that they can begin to question whether it’s all worth it.
I get it. I do. 

Being a Healer in modern times is not an easy path.
And neither is being a Healer who wants to form a business out of their gifts.

I also believe that we have a tendency to make things much more complicated than they need to be.
In the process to “figuring it all out” we lose track of why we started in the first place.
We get caught in what’s worked for everyone else and we force ourselves to work in a way that feels dull, heavy and draining.
Along the way we also lose the passion for why we started in the first place, our work suffers and we forget the power of what we do.

That’s why I am passionate about supporting Healer’s in creating their own path, one that honours who they are, their energy & natural way of being and is based on how they want to live their life.
To break out of the chains of the “hustle” life and to find a sustainable way to share their gifts so that it not only feels good but that it gets to be fun too!

You deserve to live a life that honours who you are, that allows for your natural way of being and ultimately feels good to live. 

But, why is this important?

We are in a transformational time in history

A time when things are shifting.

It is more important than ever that we have people who are aligned to their truth, their purpose and their gifts in order to navigate what may be rocky times ahead.

I believe that Empaths and sensitive souls play a INTEGRAL part in this.

What this world needs is more of is emotionally resilient, empathetic, intuitive and sensitive people who can help hold the space for what is to come and what is already here.

The world needs more Healers, sensitivity and empathy

Despite what mainstream media says, it takes great courage and strength to feel things deeply, to wear your heart on your sleeve and despite pain and struggle, to find a way to still hold hope, love and compassion in your heart for others.

To see the potential for something better AND be willing to lead the way.

To become a pioneer, a waymaker, a pathfinder who leads by doing your own inner healing + spiritual exploration and in that journey allow yourself to be a guidepost for others.


The world needs the special gifts that only you can give

It’s likely that you’ve always felt different than others. That you have something important to give the world.

There is a reason that you feel this way. You’re soul is guiding you towards your truth. To share the special gifts that only you can give.

To heal yourself with love.

To grow with love.

And ultimately to become an embodiment of love that helps to guide others to do the same.

Many Healers struggle to put their gifts out there

Each Healer that I meet has their own special and unique contribution that is sorely needed in this world.

And yet, I find that many Healers struggle to put their gifts out into the world.

Whether that is because of the many fears that come forward, or struggling to find their place in the healing space or the struggles that can come with creating a business out of one’s skills.

Unfortunately this can mean that not as many Healers are sharing their gifts.

There is a need for those who lead with integrity

There are so many voices and with that so much information out there. This is both the gift and curse of the digital generation.

This can be confusing to those searching for answers.

The truth is that we don’t need more people putting information out there – what we really need are those willing to be a loving guidepost for people to come home to their own wisdom, to their own inner guidance.

This is the way of the Healer.

To lovingly guide people to finding their own inner Healer.



You deserve a life that feels good

There is a shift occuring in this world that is calling us to break away from “hustle” culture and instead to create from love, truth, authenticity and trust.

The time for creating from scarcity, force, control and fear is ending.

Perhaps, you started the beginning part of your life working in jobs simply because you felt you had to or because that’s what you “should” do.

But your soul is calling you towards something different, something more…..

To create from your Soul.

This is the new way.

A sustainable way of existing that honors your energy, your gifts, your passions, and allows you to create a life that truly lights you up from the inside out.

There is a quote by Maryam Hasnaa that says “A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds the space for you to awaken your inner healer, so that you can heal yourself.”

Hi I’m Jenn Berkelmans

As a deep feeler, intuitive and sensitive soul I spent the first 25 years of life feeling the edges of being too much, too sensitive and too emotional. I always felt different than the people around me and as a result I didn’t feel safe to be my true self.
I became very good at fitting in and pushing all the aspects of myself that I thought would make me unloveable away. My emotions, my truth, my interests, my sexuality, my desires, and my gifts. I squished all of these things so far down within myself that I made myself very sick. 
At age 25, I was given a health diagnosis that shook me to my core. That next year was one of the most painful of my life. I was in a job that I hated, I was uncomfortable in my body, I felt lost in life, and my health on all levels was at an all time low. Everyday was so hard. It’s like all the pain that I had been pushing down was finally coming to the surface. 
I remember one night laying on my couch, exhausted and dreading the next day thinking “this can’t be all there is to life.” In that moment I couldn’t conceive of what joy felt like or of finding my own place in the world. I felt alone, unfulfilled in all areas of my life, and really quite miserable. And yet, I knew that there had to be more to life.
That moment was the catalyst that led me to search for my “more” and to find my own place in this world. Over the last 10 years I have slowly liberated those misplaced parts of myself and have begun to recreate my life, in a way that feels good to me. One filled with more love, joy and magic than I could have ever imagined. 
Since stepping into Coaching full time I have worked with many sensitive souls and empaths and I feel so greatly blessed to watch as each person expands and grows into their own purpose, gifts and desires. I truly believe that each person who embodies their purpose and truth is participating in changing the world. You can read more about Jenn here.

You are a work of art. Your life is the canvas in which you get to create your own masterpiece. It’s time to stop handing your brush to other people.

Our souls may dance well together if…..

You desire to be of service: All of your life you have wanted to help others but you often push past your own limits in order to do so. You’re ready to step into a more authentic way of being of service, one that honors your gifts and your energy
You desire to share your gifts: You’re ready to embrace your “unique” gifts: You have often felt different from those around you. In discovering your Empathetic and highly sensitive nature you have begun to gain understanding into your truth. You also know that being sensitive or Empathic holds great gifts. You may not know what those gifts are but you’re ready to explore what they might be.
You’re seeking more authenticity: You’ve reached a point in your life where you are tired of trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations that have imposed on you by others and by yourself. You’re ready to take up space, to express your truth, and to start to live out a more authentic version of you BUT you’re not sure how to go from A to B.
You feel pulled towards something more: You have always had a sense that you were here for a reason, for something special, but, you’re not sure what that is. The idea of finding your purpose feels magnetic and compelling but you’re not sure what that is or how to find it.
You’ve started to figure out this purpose thing but you feel stuck: You’ve made progress in figuring out what purpose means to you and what feels good and authentic to you BUT you keep going in this cycle of starting and stopping which never seems to get you anywhere.
You’re ready to break free of “hustle” culture and create your own way: You’ve experienced burn out so many times that even google maps would recognize it as one of your frequently visited locations. But, you’re ready for something different. To let go of the “shoulds” and “have tos.” To create from love, trust and ease.


It’s through the process of coming home to our truth, that we find the peace, love and flow that we inherently feel pulled towards.

You love animals of all kinds (in fact it’s a big soft spot.)
You love to learn. You are inspired to learn and have many things that you’d like to learn about that you question if you will have enough time to explore it all. You are mostly introverted + can also be quirky, passionate and social (with the right people of course).
You crave connection but with souls who get you and deep conversations about life, growth, humanness, spirituality and other inspiring things.
You LOVE nature. It inspires you. It pulls you. It fuels and energizes you. It calms and grounds you. Whether you are on a beach listening to the waves, in the middle of the woods or out in a meadow, nature is your ultimate safe space.
You are pulled towards systems that give you a deeper perspective into yourself and others such as Myer-Briggs, Archetypes, Astrology, and Human Design. You feel intrigued by practices based in intuition and connection to source such as tarot, oracle cards, angel numbers and energy work.
You read or listen to the works of Carolyn Myss, Brene Brown, Jeff Foster, Rupi Kaur, Elaine Aron, Rob Bell, Michael Singer or Ted Andrews.
We might get on extra well IF you have your own alter with crystals, items from nature, a salt lamp and a well worn version of Women Who Run With Wolves.

We might be kindred spirits if….

Your soul is always guiding you towards deeper levels of integration, to your truth, and ultimately to being the you, that only you can be.

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