Embracing your sensitivity as the gift it is and creating a life that lights you up.

Hello Beautiful Soul,

If you’ve landed on this page then you are likely ready for change in your life.

You are ready to step into your emotional power.

You are ready to connect to the depths of your intuition and inner wisdom.

You are ready to learn the language of your own body.

You are ready to step into more alignment, authenticity and fulfillment, to a life that is truly yours.

To living your best life full of joy, pleasure and fun.

To live a next level life takes courage.

Courage to face the uncomfortable.

Courage to step into truth.

Courage to explore the depths of your inner world.

Courage to choose yourself time and time again.

Courage to feel the fear and still say yes to yourself anyways.

And you my darling, are most definitely couragous.

I can’t wait to join you on the journey, to courage and to living your best damn life.


Introductory One on One Services

 Great for those:

  • new to my world and desiring an introduction to working with me
  • energy maintenance sessions
  • new to energy work and soul coaching
  • desiring short term support

Deep Dive One on One Services

Great for those:

  • desiring to dive deeper in their inner work and exploration
  • desiring juicy long term co-creation
  • seeking to explore new depths of connection and sacred release

Client Love

Angela F.

One of the most insightful moments of our journey together was when we were able to discover one of the biggest limiting beliefs that was influencing self-sabotaging behaviours: “Putting an effort makes you suffer”. Who would ever like to put an effort if that is what you believe!?If you consider yourself a serial-procrastinator, or your self-esteem has been affected by escapism and patterns that no longer serve you, I invite you to be curious and self-compassionate with yourself to embrace the journey of self-discovery, learning and development with Jenn.

Kat S.

For as long as I can remember, I did not like the fact that I was “sensitive” and empathic. I saw this aspect of myself as a weakness and a vulnerability that I did not want to accept. I rejected this trait and suppressed my emotions because I thought if I didn’t deal with them, they would go away. I was deeply mistaken and learned the hard way that this was not a healthy way to be.

This was why I sought Jenn’s help – with her program, I’ve been able to start the journey of accepting all of me for who I am and not the person I based my ego around. During this time, I realized how magical we are as beings and how disconnected we are with the universe. The most impactful things I’ve learned thus far is how to differentiate my energy from the energy of others and learning how to accept all of me, instead of particular traits/characteristics.

Casey A.

By taking check-ins with myself throughout the day, utilizing meditation, my breath, reframing my mindset or stories I’m telling myself, it has allowed me to become more of an non-judgmental observer of my anxiety, which is slightly empowering and has helped me function better through my day-to-day stressors and anxiety. Having the support and guidance from Jenn is beautiful, as she truly resonates and understands the full range of the empath experience and provides valuable insights her from personal experiences and formal knowledge.