About Jenn

I’m Jenn Berkelmans, a Soul Alignment Coach and I help sensitive souls to fully embrace their sensitivity and gifts while creating a life that allows them to fully shine.

My passion is guiding sensitive souls to embrace the duality that exists in their lives and within themselves. To come home to the truth of who they really are, to step into empowered narratives, embrace their special gifts and to create a life where they get to be the fullest most vibrant version of themselves.

Because sensitivity, intuition and emotionality are powerful gifts that the world needs right now. 


Hi there, I’m Jenn

My belief is that our biggest challenges, darkness and struggles are gateways into our most profound truths. They allow for our walls to be broken down and for all the false conditioned layers to come to the surface so that we can release and let go of what is no longer serving us while helping us find home within our truth.

I have experienced this time and time again as I move through life and the challenges that have come with living which have helped to guide me to where I can expand, grow and learn more about myself and what my truth really is.

From being diagnosed with childhood anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia; to heartbreaks and losses; to family mental illness; to a scary health diagnosis; to reaching a proverbial rock bottom in my mid-20’s all having guided me to where I am today. Each moment serving as a teacher to my desires, my hopes, my strength and my courage.

I can see the truth of that now but in the moment those all seemed like the worst things to happen in the world and before my “rock bottom moment” I was so very good at pushing my discomfort away. I rejected my sensitivity and my emotions. I hid my truth to fit in. I shrunk myself to make others more comfortable and I gave more than I had to give. Until I burnt out. HARD.

I had my on the floor in the bathroom “Eat, Pray, Love” moment and decided that I needed to change. It was in that moment that I decided that I deserved better and that it was time to figure out what that was.

The process was both challenging and magical. It took courage, strength and determination. It took looking at myself and my life from a lens of truth and choosing to step into the role of creator, artist and writer of my own story. To step into my power, embrace my sensitivity and emotionality as gifts and to accept myself as I was and am.

It’s been a process that has opened me, changed me, but ultimately has guided me to release the false layers fall away so that I could come home to my truth. To me.


What I Offer

Weekly Classes + Meditations

A variety of offerings that include free and paid classes and recordings. 

Group Online Courses + Programs

Both live + recorded group online courses and programs which allows you the choice of exploring at your own pace and or within a group container with support.

Private Online Sessions + 1:1 Programs

A variety of one on one support options for both those new to my world and those desiring to dive deeper.

Seasonal Retreats + Offerings

A variety of offers that shift and change with the seasons. Allowing you to explore the special medicine that each season holds. 

Join me for Self-Compassion Sunday's

Self-Compassion Sunday's are free Community Breathwork and Meditation classes where we explore different energetic themes.

My Training and Credentials

I’ve immersed myself in study of energy work and deep self-exploration for the last 5 years

Reiki Level I + II

Trained as a Huna Energy Practitioner

Studied + Trained as a Soul Coach under my Mentor Caroline Dupont

Graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Breathwork Facilitation Training through Always Play Studios (currently gaining experiential practice hours)

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