Hi there, I’m Jenn


One of my greatest passions is supporting and guiding sensitive souls and healers who are navigating through the “in-between” that occurs during life transitions, shifts within identity, spiritual awakenings and cycles of death/rebirth to to connect to and reclaim the truth of who they are and to share their gifts with the world
My intention is to create spaces where these beautiful souls are able to explore the duality that exists in their lives, in nature and within themselves. To navigate the light, the shadow and everything in between. To share how they can alchemize their challenges, the discomfort and the pain into transformative portals of their greatest gifts.
I truly believe that the world needs more activated Healers who are fully embodying their gifts and that it is imperative that we break out of “hustle” culture and lead from Soul.


My belief is that our biggest challenges, darkness and struggles are actually gateways into our most profound truths. They allow for our walls to be broken down and for all the false conditioned layers to come to the surface so that we can release and let go of what is no longer serving us while also guiding us home to our truth.
I have experienced this time and time again as I’ve moved through my life. I’ve found that it’s been the challenges of life which have helped me to expand, to grow and to learn more about myself so that I can truly understand what my truth really is.
From being diagnosed with childhood anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia; to heartbreaks and losses; to family mental illness; to a scary health diagnosis; to multiple experiences of burnout; to reaching a proverbial rock bottom in my mid-20’s, it all guided me to where I am today. Each moment served as a teacher and guide to my desires, my hopes, my strength and my courage.
Through those hard moments, those painful experiences, I found something within myself that I didn’t know I had. Courage, strength and a desire to create something different for myself.
I felt a pulling within myself to change my life. That started the journey of coming home to myself. To my soul. To my body.
I’ve had to look at myself and my life through the lens of truth and by choosing to step into the role of creator, artist and writer of my own story. To step into my power, embrace my sensitivity and emotionality as gifts and to accept myself as I am.

The last 8 years have been a process that have opened me, changed me, but ultimately have guided me to begin to release what wasn’t serving me so that I could come home to my truth. To me.
One day at a time. One layer at a time.
My mission is to use my story, to use my experiences to help others. 
To support sensitive souls & healers who feel stuck and lost in life but know that there is something more for them.
Those who feel the weight of being highly sensitive, who feel pulled around by life and their emotions and energy, who feel stuck in their sensitivity and challenges in life.
To learn how to take their challenges and struggles and alchemize that into the exploration and understanding of their truth.
To help them take that truth and find rest in a place of alignment and authenticity.
To live a whole-hearted life, ease, flow and deep soulful connection.
So they can step into the fullest expression of their BE-ingness and shine like the brilliant lights they are.

My Training and Credentials

I’ve immersed myself in study of energy work and deep self-exploration for the last 8 years
Reiki Level I + II
Trained as a Huna Energy Practitioner
Studied + Trained as a Soul Coach under my Mentor Caroline Dupont
Graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a Holistic Nutritional Consultant
Breathwork Facilitator through Always Play Studios
200 YTR Yoga Teacher Training through ClearBeing

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