Everyday BE-ing Membership

An intimate and supportive space for sensitive and intuitive souls to embody the act of BE-ing into everyday living. Mindfulness practices to guide you to connect to your soul radiance so that you can feel aligned and grounded.

This membership will provide:

Simple + Practical Tools

Incorporate mindfulness into everyday activities that you already do. Turning the action of DO-ING into the practice of BE-ing.

Easy Access

Access to a wide variety of practices and tools right at your fingertips making it easier to incorporate mindfulness throughout your day.


Start and end your day with practices that guide you to connect with your body, your emotions and inner wisdom on a deeper level so that you can make decisions from an aligned and authentic place.

Tools to Integrate Energies

Calibrate and integrate energies that you encounter as a sensitive soul so that you can FEEL more grounded and calm on a daily basis.

Ways to Deepen Your Exploration

Tools and support that give way to a deepening and embodiment of your practice in mindfulness, awareness and self-regulation so you can feel more at ease with the flow of life.

The Act of BE-ing

The state of BE-ing means being tapped into the inner most aspect of your true self, to move with ease and in the flow of life and be connected to an abundance of the always accessible  love, creativity, peace, joy and wisdom that resides from within.

It’s about existing as the fullest expression of you that you can be.

This is for you if you desire:

  • To use daily ritual to nourish your connection with your body + inner wisdom.
  • To incorporate mindfulness into your daily life so that BE-ing becomes an everyday occurrence
  • To embody practices that allow you to integrate + calibrate challenging energies.
  • To become more aligned to the authentic truth of who you are.
  • To release what is no longer serving you.
  • To develop new levels of inner connection + self-love.


And ultimately to gather in community to inspire, empower and create energy shifts that create true change.


With love, accountability + solidarity.

The world is going through some amazing shifts and changes right now.

But the energies that are coming through can be both intense and at times overwhelming especially for those of us sensitive + deeply intuitive souls.

It can be easy to be swayed and affected by social media, the news and gossip.

To walk the road of awakening and the path of your truth while staying in alignment can be challenging and even lonely at times.

Some people won’t get it.

Who we surround ourselves with and what we choose to do on a daily basis will greatly affect how we show up in our lives.

The Everyday BE-ing Membership is about changing how you walk through your day.

It’s about changing what you DO, which will change how you FEEL.

It’s about shifting from the paradigm of DO-ing to a new paradigm of BE-ing.

It’s about starting your day in an elevated and aligned energetic state.

It’s about adding small moments of BE-ing into your day to connect with your own inner radiance.

It’s about choosing small and sustainable actions that will change how you feel on a deep cellular level.

It’s about connecting with a supportive network that is there to inspire, empower and uplift you as you move through life.

It’s about surrounding yourself with love, support and creation.

Creating something new.

Because I believe that the more people that tap into their BE-ingness will change and shift the energy of the world.

Let’s create a movement of showing up in our own Divine BE-ingness every single day.

Simple. Practical. Easily Accessible. Imaginative.


Incorporating mindfulness and spirituality into your life in a way that connects to your human experience. It’s not about separating yourself from your humanness but experiencing that in more connected way.


Adding mindfulness practices into your day and even into activities that you may already be doing (such as cleaning, eating, traveling etc.)

Easily Accessible

A variety of practices all organized in a simple and practical way so that you have quick and easy access to what you need when you need it.

Imaginative & Varied Content

A wide collection of practices and tools that allow you to play and explore mindfulness in different moods and feeling experiences.

Everyday BE-ing is an alternative approach to mindfulness that encourages mindfulness to be incorporated into everyday living as a Human BE-ing

What Everyday BE-ing is all about:

  • Turning acts of DO-ing (like walking, showering, eating, cleaning etc) into mindful practices of BE-ing.
  • Small daily practices that encourage BE-ing mindful throughout your entire day rather than it just being a practice once and awhile.
  • Changing how you show up in your day to feel more connected and in tune with your inner self.
  • Exploring practices to deepen your mindfulness journey while making mindfulness a part of your everyday life.
  • Shifting the idea of BE-ing as a way of life rather than just another thing that you DO.

How you will be supported:

Access to love coaching notes

In the supportive group container you will have access to weekday love notes. Loving quotes and words of affirmation and inspiration to guide you to the most loving and compassionate aspects of yourself.

To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Everyday

Creating practices that are simple, practical and easily accessible so that you can begin to incorporate mindfulness throughout your day into things you may already be doing. This is the process of turning actions of DO-ing into a practice of BE-ing.

In Deepening Your Practice

The journey series are series of practices (monthly and weekly formats) focusing on a specific theme of intention. This provides loving accountability and support with videos, audio recordings, and worksheets to create discipline and consistency in your daily rituals. This will ultimately deepen and expand your mindfulness practice while supporting and nourishing your mind, body and soul.

Supportive Community

You will have access to a community of sensitive and intuitive souls which can provide an opportunity for connection, accountability, inspiration and support.

Mindfulness Tools 


Using a varied approaches to increase self-awareness and self-connection while also finding the inherent peace that can be found within any moment.


Utilizing the power of the breath to connect to the body and the present moment while also deepening self-awareness and states of relaxation.

Tapping (EFT) Meditations + Videos

Combine the use of energy work with mindfulness practices to shift and embody empowering and loving narratives.

Varied Content 

Everyday Mindfulness

Varied mindfulness content used in a way to incorporate mindfulness into everyday activities allowing for a deeper sense of self-awareness and state of relaxation at any given time.

Self-Connection through Human Design

Utilize Meditations + Mindfulness practices to explore and embody your own Human Design more in Depth.

Inner Exploration

A range of mindfulness practices that focus on exploring what layers exist underneath your experience at any given time. Explore emotional wisdom, energy integration and a deeper connection to intuition.


Access mindfulness content that will help you to find a sense of groundedness and relaxation in the moment while also cultivating a deeper sense of body, mind and soul nourishment that allows for a more consistent relaxation.


What’s Included:

Weekday Love Coaching Notes

Start your day with words of affirmations, love notes and inspiring and loving quotes to elevate your mind and thoughts while also introducing mindfulness in new and creative ways.

Mindfulness Journey Series

Mindfulness series that are created with different themes that will provide loving support and accountability with the use of videos, audio recordings and worksheets that can guide you to deeper levels of devotion and consistency while nourishing your mind, body and soul.

A Variety of Practices for Different Moods

A variety of downloadable recordings such as meditations, EFT, affirmations, breathwork, visualizations, etc that are not only great for all levels but all different moods.

Mindfulness for Varied Intentions

Access a variety of types of content that will allow you to incorporate and explore mindfulness in varied ways. Whether you desire to experience more mindfulness throughout your day, to deepen into your practice or to use mindfulness as a way of exploring your emotions, energy, or even Human Design, you will find it here.

Everyday Mindfulness Practices

A variety of mindfulness practices that take everyday activities and turns them into a mindfulness practice (cooking, cleaning, writing, walking). Bringing in the practice of BE-ing into your everyday life.

Supportive Community

We need community. Being an awakened sensitive soul can be challenging without having a community of support. In Everyday BE-ing you will have access to a group chat and access to like minded souls seeking to step into their soul radiance. When we come together in community we can empower, inspire and uplift each other.

Full Access. Anytime. Anywhere.

This is a full access library that you can take with you on the go. meditation, breathwork and other practices for all levels. Access to videos, downloads and recordings that you can access whenever you desire. Daily practices, energetic downloads, inspiring talks, weekly + monthly ritual series for meditation, breathwork and more.

One of the most powerful things that I’ve learned on my spiritual journey is the power of being part of a community of like minded souls seeking a similar path. It’s in those times that I’ve experienced the biggest shifts and learned so much about myself along the way. Just knowing that I had a community that I could go to where I would be inspired, supported and uplifted kept me going when I was having low days.


I’ve created this membership for those of you seeking to step more into BE-ing within your own path but who also desire to be in the energy of co-creation within a community where there is an energy of inspiration, support and loving integrity.


Because when we are able to calibrate to new levels of BE-ing within ourselves we also support the collective in moving into new levels of BE-ing.


Together we can create a movement of BE-ing our truest most authentic selves.


Are you ready to make BE-ing an everyday occurrence?