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Holistic Wellness For

Highly Sensitive & Empathic Women

In a noisy and chaotic world it’s no wonder that as a sensitive soul
you are feeling the blahs. You’re overwhelmed and just plain tired.

I get it.

It’s time to to begin the journey to reconnection.

To finding love and safety from within.
Less how tos and to do lists and more connection.

Ready to begin?

Free Meditation

Welcome my sensitive friend.

Welcome to my corner of the world in the big internet space. Are you new here? This is the place to start your journey.

Do you struggle with overwhelm?

I’ve created this FREE simple meditation to take you from stressed and overwhelmed to calm and relaxed in under 10 mins.

Bring the power back to you!

Soul Coaching brings together the use of meditation, energy work and coaching to help you tap into your inner experience. 

What Previous Clients Have to Say

Jenn's voice was very soothing. With Jenn's help I was able to block out everything and just focus on the session and what I was experiencing. For anyone considering a session, I would tell them to come with an open mind and allow themselves to be completely immersed in the session. I felt so relaxed after. It was very therapeutic. The techniques that Jenn taught me were very helpful and I'll be able to use them whenever I'm overly stressed to help me become more relaxed.

Donesha N.

We healed some past stored trauma that I'm sure would have taken me a lot longer to get to alone. Jenn's assistance and direction was instrumenatl. My favourite part about working with Jenn was the amount of insight that we got in just one session. It was clearly wanting to come up and be healed. Jenn seemed to have a profound understanding of my issues despite having only just met me. She understood me. It can take others a longer period to do that. i'd absolutely recommed this to others. I got more healing and assistance with that than I was expecting. It's been incredibly helpful to my life journey. Thank you very much.

Marie O.

I really enjoyed our sessions together. You have a cool, calm, non-judgemental spirit and it's easy to share the things going on in my head. To other people considering a session, I would say that Jenn really knows what she's doing and talking about. She has great advice and is easy to open up to. Jenn's gentle spirit is a blessing and she really has a gift.

Christen S.

I Believe


That you should live a life that is fulfilling, one that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.

That you cannot properly love another until you truly love yourself.

That quality will always be better than quantity…in relationships, experiences, and chocolate.

That there is the world full of knowledge and the only downside is that there is not enough time in life to learn it all.

That courage is not the absence of fear but continuing forward in the presence of fear.

That every great adventure begins with a step forward into the unknown.

That your best investment is in yourself: healthy nourishing food to fuel the body, positive words to fuel the mind & a deep connection with self to fuel the spirit

That by working on change and growth in ourselves, that we can help to change the world.