A Map to Stepping into Your Most Empowered, Authentic + True Self: Introducing Human Design

Do you every feel like your continually walking a path that doesn’t feel like your own? Surrounded by societal expectations and a deep yearning to create a life that feels uniquely yours?

Human Design offers a glimpse into a system that can act as a compass to guide you towards your innate creativity, to embrace your emotional depths, and to tap into your natural intuitive strengths.

Where you can create a life that vibrates with purpose and authenticity.


You’re not here to live your life in the shadow of other people and what works for them, you are here to live out your own unique way of existing and to share the special gifts that make you, you.


  • Unveiling your energy blueprint: Discover your unique type (Manifestor, Generator, Projector, or Reflector) and understand how you naturally interact with the world.
  • Harnessing your inner compass: Learn your Strategy and Authority, which serve as your natural guide towards decisions that serve your most authentic BE-ing
  • Embracing your strengths & superpowers: Gain insight into your innate gifts, repeated challenges, and how to harness them both into the expression of your purpose.
  • Reclaim your power: Understand your emotional landscape and learn to navigate it with awareness, to release what no longer serves you and to embrace your true potential.
  • Living in easeful alignment: Align with your unique design and experience greater fulfillment, purpose, and a life that feels truly authentic.

It’s possible for life to feel good. To feel a sense of ease as you move through the day, being aligned to the flow of the universe and life.

We live in a time where information is readily available but it can often be hard to find what works for you and your specific needs. The truth is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to wellness, wellbeing and to your life.
Through Human Design we are led on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and radical self-acceptance. Where you get break out of the “in-the-box” living and create a life that is fully and uniquely yours.

Human Design is your own map to living out your most empowered, aligned and authentic self.

What is Human Design?

Every culture uses archetypes (Hero, Victim, Mother) and themes (self-love, abundance) to tell stories and understand life. Human Design maps out the key archetypes and themes that exist within you and your life.

By learning and understanding these archetypes & themes we gain the potential to learn, grow and better understand ourselves, others and the world itself. It can help us to further explore what it means to exist in the world and to find find our own unique place within it.


From a foundational perspective…..

Human Design is a fusion of the esoteric and exoteric systems of Eastern & Western Astrology, Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system, the Chinese I Ching and Quantum Energy.

Your Human Design chart can help you to better understand your own energy and thus more fully live in a way that is authentic and true to you

I spent such a large part of my life rejecting and hiding core aspects of my being. The more I resisted my truth, the more that I repeated cycles of punishing myself and living out patterns which then led to more pain.

Much of my path was determined by who I thought I “should” be. My relationships, my career, my college choices, the way that I made decisions, the pace of life that I tried to maintain, were all coming from a place of what I thought I should do and who I thought I should be.

I limited my truth, my desires, my self-expression, my eating habits, my social experience, my sensitivity, my emotions, and my needs.

Discovering Human Design initiated a big shift in my life. It revealed to me a design that allowed for me to exist in my own natural way. The idea of being designed to feel good? That felt so radical, yet also deeply true. Following what resonated felt liberating, like a puzzle clicking into place.

My experience fuels my passion for sharing Human Design. There are so many ways in which our world pressures us to conform, but the truth is that we’re not meant to be identical.

Imagine the collective shift if everyone embodied their unique design and were able to live lives that truly felt good? How healing that would be for the collective consciousness. That’s the future I believe in.


Mindfulness & Soul Alignment Coach
Human Design Explorer
2/4 Emotional Generator


My Unique HD Sessions:

Human Design is more than just a personality system. It’s a powerful framework that unveils your unique energy blueprint, revealing your natural gifts, challenges, and path to purpose. But knowledge alone isn’t enough. That’s where my unique approach comes in.
I combine Human Design insights with Intuitive Soul Coaching and embodiment practices to help you not only understand yourself but also embody your truth and create lasting transformation. Imagine finding the clarity to make aligned decisions, the confidence to pursue your passions, and the energy to live a life that feels truly authentic.
Ongoing coaching packages available. Schedule a free consultation today and discover how this powerful combination can empower you to live your best life.


 **Read more information about Soul Coaching here**


Inner Compass Session

The Inner Compass HD Session is about connecting and exploring  your own unique Human Design Chart.
This is an introductory session, where we will cover the foundations of your chart (such as your Strategy, Authority, and Energy Type) and how you can begin to integrate the wisdom found within it.
As you connect to your own chart it can act as an Inner Compass by:
  • Guiding you towards empowered decisions that align with your natural flow.
  • Shining a light on your unique gifts and strengths.
  • Providing greater understanding of your challenges and clarity around how to navigate them.
  • Showing the way to a path that feels more aligned, authentic and fulfilling.

Exploration HD Session

The Exploration HD Session delves deeper than just understanding your Human Design chart. It’s about using it as a powerful lens to explore the themes currently unfolding in your life.
This is a guided journey where you:
  • Connect the dots: Discover how your chart reflects the challenges, opportunities, and desires that you’re currently experiencing.
  • Gain deeper understanding: Go beyond basic concepts like Type and Strategy to explore how energy flows through your specific chart, impacting specific life themes.
  • Unearth hidden potential: Identify aspects of your chart that may not be immediately obvious, unlocking new perspectives and possibilities.
  • Navigate with clarity: Receive guidance on how to align your actions and decisions with your unique design, navigating current themes with greater ease and fulfillment.

Business Potential & Purpose HD Session

Unlock Your Business Potential & Align with Your Purpose: A Personalized Approach with Human Design
This insightful session isn’t just about learning Human Design. It’s about harnessing its wisdom to unlock your true business potential and align it with your deeper purpose.
  • Your unique Energy Type: Understand how your natural flow translates into the business world. Are you a Manifestor, Generator, Projector, or Reflector? Each type excels in different aspects of creating and sustaining a business.
  • Your Strategy & Authority: Unlock the secret keys to making aligned decisions for your business. Learn how to navigate challenges and opportunities in a way that resonates with your inner truth.
  • Your Signature Themes: Gain insight into the recurring themes that drive your business, passion, and purpose. Explore your natural strengths, potential pitfalls, and opportunities for growth.
  • Your Energetic Signature: Understand how your unique energy interacts with others, especially potential clients or business partners. Discover how to attract aligned connections and build a network that supports your aspirations.
  • Practical Tools & Strategies: Learn how to utilize Human Design principles to optimize your workflow, marketing, decision-making, and overall business direction.

    Inner Compass HD Session

    Who this is for you if you desire:

    • To better understand your own unique HD chart and how to act in a way that feels more aligned and energetically sustainable
    • To connect to your own natural intuition and way of making decisions in a way that are authentic and feel good for you
    • To better understand your own unique way of operating and existing in this world – to feel more in the flow of your own energy

    What’s Included:

    • 90 minute reading with me on zoom + the recording
    • A PDF highlighting the what we cover in our session
    • Embodiment Practices (where applicable): So that you can take what you learn within the session and apply it within your life
    • Access to recordings:
      • Decoding Your Human Design Chart PDF
      • Intro to Human Design Video

    How it works:

    • You will fill out a questionnaire & answer questions that will help me to cater the reading to you and your needs
    • You’ll get access to an Intro to the Human Design Chart Video before our session
    • The session is hosted on zoom and lasts 2 hours
    • You will get a recording of the session the week following our call along with all other support materials

    During the session:

    • You’ll gain information about the Human Design chart and bodygraph, your unique configuration, Human Design terminology
    • We’ll go more in depth about your type, strategy, authority and emotional theme to better understand your own energetic needs
    • You will receive suggestions and guidance to begin to embody your chart and meet your energetic needs
    • You will get resources to help you implement

    Pricing: $250

    Exploration HD Session

    This is for those who:

    • Feel stuck in patterns or cycles and feel unsure of next steps.
    • Are experiencing significant life changes and transitions.
    • Seek deeper self-discovery and want to align their lives with their authentic purpose.
    • Are already familiar with their Human Design basics and want to take it to the next level.

     What’s Included:

    • 60 minute reading with me on zoom + the recording
    • A PDF highlighting the the key areas that we focus on and what that means on a practical level
    • Embodiment Practices (where applicable): To help you to take what you learn and apply it into your life

    How it works:

    • You will fill out a questionnaire & answer questions that will help me to cater the reading to you and your needs
    • The session is hosted on zoom and lasts 60 minutes
    • You will get a recording of the session the week following our call along with support materials mentioned in session

    What you can expect:

    • An in-depth conversation about your current life themes and challenges.
    • An analysis of your Human Design chart through the lens of these themes.
    • Personalized insights and guidance based on your unique design.
    • Actionable steps to move forward with greater clarity and alignment.

      Pricing: $200

      Business Potential & Purpose HD Session

      This is for:

      • Entrepreneurs & business owners feeling stuck or unaligned.
      • Those desiring to have a business that is sustainable and energetically aligned.
      • Individuals seeking to understand their true calling and translate into a fulfilling business venture.
      • Anyone wanting to create a business that feels authentic and in harmony with their unique design.

      What’s Included:

      • One hour session with me on zoom + the recording
      • Embodiment Practices (where applicable and discussed): So that you can take what you learn within the session and apply it within your business
      • Access to HD recordings (only if relevant)

      How it works:

      • You will fill out a questionnaire & answer questions that will help me to cater the session to you and what you’re currently experiencing
      • The session is hosted on zoom and lasts one hour
      • You will get a recording of the session the week following our call along with other discussed materials.

      At the end of this session you may gain:

      • A clearer understanding of how your Human Design and energetic blueprint shapes your business potential and purpose.
      • Gain clarity on your ideal business model and approach, aligned with your natural energy flow and decision-making style.
      • Personalized insights and actionable steps to align your business decisions with your authentic self and natural way of BE-ing.
      • Implement workflow optimization techniques that harmonize with your natural rhythms and avoid burnout.
      • Create a sustainable business model that aligns with your personal values and purpose, leading to long-term fulfillment and success.

      Pricing: $350

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