Let your soul shine through to be the you – that you were born to be




Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is Jenn Berkelmans, Self-Compassion Goddess and Soul Alignment Coach. I am here to help Empaths, lightworkers, intuitives and HSPs who feel called to a soul led life.

A life that lights you up and fills your cup.

One of giving AND receiving.

One of more joy, more connection, more love, and more peace.

My mission is to serve my fellow sensitive souls, those who wear their heart on their sleeves, the deep feelers who give so much of themselves, who desire to create change and to be of service to others.

I am here to guide you to become a true embodiment of love and compassion AND to align to your truth while fully embracing your gifts and purpose so that you can step into a fuller and more authentic expression of who you truly are.

Of stepping into the fullest expression of your BE-ing so that you can create a life that truly lights you up.

Four Foundational Pillars of BE-ing


Explore and release old ways of DO-ing, the patterns and personal narratives which are no longer serving you (aka your inner good girl) leading to energetic burnout so that you can step into a more aligned way of BE-ing. 


Reclaim and integrate all aspects of your own natural duality (yin + yang, shadow + light, masculine + feminine) so that you can more fully embrace your sensitive nature for the amazing gift that it is and step into the most powerful expression of you.


Through loving ritual, radical compassionate self-reflection, unified integrity, and full and total self-acceptance can you begin to embody  wholeness and true self-love and connect to your inherent inner wisdom and magic.


Align to your truth and authentic way of BE-ing so that you can reconnect to your purpose and tap into the truest expression that is you. Become the creator and artist of your life to generate a truly inspired and magical life that is on your own beautiful creation.

I understand the challenge…

As a deep feeler, intuitive and sensitive soul I get what it can be like to exist in this busy and often chaotic world.

I often felt the edges of being too much, too sensitive and too emotional.

I always felt like I didn’t quite fit in. 

And so I became really good at being the “good girl.”

The “yes” girl.

The “nice” girl.

And as a result I continually shrunk and hid myself to make other people feel more comfortable.

I did things that didn’t feel aligned in order to please or give to others.

I shunned my sensitive and emotional sides because I thought it would make me more loveable.

Being the “good girl” would momentarily feel good because I could make others happy but it often came at the expense of my own needs, wants and energy.

And my wellbeing suffered.

My joy suffered.

My peace suffered.

I was so afraid of being the real me because I thought that would make me unlovable.

Then I realized that the love I sought wasn’t to be found outside of myself, it was WITHIN myself this whole time.

That’s when everything began to change.

It’s time to be seen.

It’s time to embrace your truth.

It’s time to BE the youest you that only you can BE.

Because the world needs what you have to give.


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