Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is Jenn Berkelmans (she/her), Soul Coach + Transitionary Guide, Breathwork + Yoga Facilitator
I create spaces to support those who are navigating through the “in between” that occurs during life transitions, spiritual awakenings and/or seasons of death/rebirth. 
I feel especially excited to support those who are feeling called into finding their purpose, shifting careers, in exploring or sharing their gifts and/or creating Soul led business. 
Through individualized work and community offers I utilize Soul Coaching, Somatic experiences with breathwork, mindful movement and yoga to support others in finding a sense of groundedness, peace and presence while navigating what can feel like a great void of unknown.

My intention is to support you to…



unravel and reclaim what it means to connect with your truth and authenticity.


navigate the powerful and often intense energies and emotions that can come as you move through these powerful times of change.


move your nervous system into parasympathetic dominance to tap into more ease, flow and presence.


alchemize your challenges, stuckness, and pain into your greatest gifts and wisdom.


unwinding and integrating societal, familial and collective conditioning to shift into a more natural and authentic way of BE-ing.


find your tools and practices to support your unfolding path.


open to the deep wisdom and truth from within to more fully step into your purpose and gifts.

Your soul is always guiding you towards deeper levels of integration, to your truth, and ultimately to being the you, that only you can be.

Foundations of BE-ing

When one is in the midst of the “in between” of transitonary periods of life and cycles of death/rebirth it is natural to experience feelings of low energy, feeling stuck/lost, unmotivated and in the throes of emotional turmoil.
It is during these times when it is of the utmost importance to find our tethers or grounding rods which serve to hold us during such trying times. It is my belief that these three pillars are those foundational pillars that we can tune into when we feel off kilter or out of sorts.
Through Soul Coaching and Somatic practices I create spaces where my clients can explore, learn and embody these pillars to navigate their experiences while opening to a more natural self-expression that honors the truth of who they are and of their current experience.
In time, these pillars can act to connect them to their most potent and powerful gifts and while allowing them to be of service and to share their gifts in a way that truly honors who they are and their vital energies.




When we are experiencing times of change and shedding old layers it can feel deeply unstabilizing as we get called into the “unknown.” We will simultaneously be walking the lines of who we once were and who we are stepping into. This is a time when more than others we need the unique wisdom and guidance that can arise from our Soul rather than the previously known of the mind.

Emotional Resilience

During the process of the “in between” there will be a natural stirring that occurs that leads to old energies and emotions surfacing in our experience. In this way we experience the death of who we used to be and of the energies that no longer serve us so that we can create space for what is about to be birthed.


Navigating the shifts of the old layers leaving our experience and bringing forward the new can be both challenging and expansive for the system both which are often experienced as uncomfortable for the nervous system. Bringing in practices that allow for a shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance will create a sense of groundedness and ease to usher in this new way of BE-ing that is being birthed.
As a deep feeler, intuitive and sensitive soul I spent the first 25 years of life feeling the edges of being too much, too sensitive and too emotional. I always felt different than the people around me and as a result I didn’t feel safe to be my true self.
I became very good at fitting in and pushing all the aspects of myself that I thought would make me unloveable away. My emotions, my truth, my interests, my sexuality, my desires, and my gifts. I squished all of these things so far down within myself that I made myself very sick.
At age 25, I was given a health diagnosis that shook me to my core. That next year was one of the most painful of my life. I was in a job that I hated, I was uncomfortable in my body, I felt lost in life, and my health on all levels was at an all time low. Everyday was so hard. It’s like all the pain that I had been pushing down was finally coming to the surface.
I remember one night laying on my couch, exhausted and dreading the next day thinking “this can’t be all there is to life.” In that moment I couldn’t conceive of what joy felt like or of finding my own place in the world. I felt alone, unfulfilled in all areas of my life, and really quite miserable. And yet, I knew that there had to be more to life.
That moment was the catalyst that led me to search for my “more” and to find my own place in this world. Over the last 10 years I have slowly liberated those misplaced parts of myself and have begun to recreate my life, in a way that feels good to me. One filled with more love, joy and magic than I could have ever imagined.
Since stepping into Coaching full time I have worked with many sensitive souls and empaths and I feel so greatly blessed to watch as each person expands and grows into their own purpose, gifts and desires. I truly believe that each person who embodies their purpose and truth is participating in changing the world. You can read more about Jenn here.

You are a work of art. Your life is the canvas in which you get to create your own masterpiece. It’s time to stop handing your brush to other people.

Our souls may dance well together if.....

You desire to be of service: All of your life you have wanted to help others but you often push past your own limits in order to do so. You're ready to step into a more authentic way of being of service, one that honors your gifts and your energy
You desire to share your gifts: You're ready to embrace your "unique" gifts: You have often felt different from those around you. In discovering your Empathetic and highly sensitive nature you have begun to gain understanding into your truth. You also know that being sensitive or Empathic holds great gifts. You may not know what those gifts are but you're ready to explore what they might be.
You're seeking more authenticity: You've reached a point in your life where you are tired of trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations that have imposed on you by others and by yourself. You're ready to take up space, to express your truth, and to start to live out a more authentic version of you BUT you're not sure how to go from A to B.
You feel pulled towards something more: You have always had a sense that you were here for a reason, for something special, but, you're not sure what that is. The idea of finding your purpose feels magnetic and compelling but you're not sure what that is or how to find it.
You've started to figure out this purpose thing but you feel stuck: You've made progress in figuring out what purpose means to you and what feels good and authentic to you BUT you keep going in this cycle of starting and stopping which never seems to get you anywhere.
You're ready to break free of "hustle" culture and create your own way: You've experienced burn out so many times that even google maps would recognize it as one of your frequently visited locations. But, you're ready for something different. To let go of the "shoulds" and "have tos." To create from love, trust and ease.
You desire to cultivate more ease, flow, and presence within your daily life: You are very familiar with stress, pressure, anxiety and nervousness. You would love to explore tools and practices to support your nervous system in unwinding and tuning to a state of trust, ease, and relaxation.


It’s through the process of coming home to our truth, that we find the peace, love and flow that we inherently feel pulled towards.

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