Meditation to Refill Your Energetic Cup

Jan 9, 2022 | Meditation, Video


This short 15 minute meditation and visualization is about taking time to fill your energetic cup. By connecting to you body, your breath and becoming grounded you will deeply connect to the energy that exists all around you allowing you to fill your energetic cup and feel grounded but also energized.


Created by Jenn

I’m Jenn Berkelmans, a Soul Alignment Coach and I help sensitive souls to fully embrace their sensitivity and gifts while creating a life that allows them to fully shine. My passion is guiding sensitive souls to embrace the duality that exists in their lives and within themselves. To come home to the truth of who they really are, to step into empowered narratives, embrace their special gifts and to create a life where they get to be the fullest most vibrant version of themselves.

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