Musings. Magic. Mindfulness

The Musings, Magic and Mindfulness Newsletter is all about love, inspiration, connection, and divine wisdom. It’s the place where I share stories, thoughts, juicy updates and any divine downloads that I have channeled for you. 

What May Be Included:


Content that is focused on bringing loving inspiration and creative energy to your day and to your week.

Human Design

Information around the planetary transits and how they relate to Human Design and the energy that you may be feeling.

Intuitive Channeled Messages

As I tune into my channeling abilities I will include readings and messages that I have channeled to be shared with you.


 Meditation +/or Breathwork audios and videos that will help to bring mindfulness and self-connection into your day and week to bring a deeper sense of groundedness and peace.

Juicy Updates

Be the first to get access to juicy updates and offers so that you get first dibs on things when they come out.

My fellow divine souls

I cannot wait….

For the magic that will undoubtedly unveil itself. Here’s to an exploration of inspired musings, magical energetic downloads and juicy updates and all other divine things.

Just know that I celebrate each and every soul who joins and view your energy and time as sacred. To open your mailbox me and my words is a wonderful privilege that I greatly cherish.

From my soul to yours. 

Much love,

xo J