Are you ready to embrace your sensitivity and to fully tap into your true gifts?

Are you ready to shed the false layers of who you learned to be so that you can become rooted in the truth of your being?

Or maybe you seek to fully embody your truth so that you can step into more purpose and fulfillment?

Either way I have many offerings that can help you on your journey to step into the fullest expression of who you are.

Working together in synergy you can begin to create the life that you truly desire, soul led life that lights you up from the inside and brings happy tears of joy.


The Feminine Metamorphosis way is:


One of loving and accepting all the parts of yourself.

One of allowing full emotional experience from a truly grounded place and stepping into your emotional power.

One of embracing your beautiful sensitivity and intuitive nature and tapping into your amazing gifts.

One of full integration of your divine feminine essence in sync with your divine masculine essence.

One of pulling back the layers to what you’ve been conditioned to believe to reveal the truth of your being.

One of embracing your cyclical nature and stepping into wholeness.


The Feminine Metamorphosis Approach:

Involves exploring, embodying, and embracing all aspects of your being. Through radical compassion, integrity and welcoming your cyclical nature we explore what it means to embody wholeness.


The exploration of your cycles, your duality, your darkness and light can allow the deepest of healing and a grounded experience in energetic alignment.


Through loving ritual, radical compassionate self-reflection, unified integrity, and full and total self-acceptance can you begin to embody wholeness and true self-love.


In fully embracing your multifaceted qualities and your cyclical nature as humans and women you can feel more integrated and connected to your body and nature.

The Four Archetypal Pillars

The Butterfly

Calibrating, connecting + aligning your energies

The Swan

Stepping into your power through acknowledging your truth

The Phoenix

Having the courage to walk the depths of your shadow and rise into your light

The Lotus

Becoming deeply connected to and grounded in the truth of your being


current cyclical offerings

A variety of offers that shift and change with the seasons. Allowing you to explore the special medicine that each season holds. 

A fully integrated experience

A year long immersive experience that will guide you to deeper self-exploration and connection. Shedding the layers that no longer serve you to create a life that is truly on your own terms.

True indulgence + One on One support

A variety of one on one support options for both those new to my world and those desiring to dive deeper.