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$70/package of 5 sessions available (email me at contact@jennberkelmans.com)

About Sessions

Session levels are not based on ability or skill level neeeded but the energy output of the class.

Level 1 – Completely restorative with very few poses. Mostly lying down.

Level 2 – A mix of restorative and gentle movement.

Level 3 – Energetic movement followed by restorative and savasana.



All skills and levels of experience welcome

Level 1 Sessions (Relax)

These sessions are focused on unwinding the body from stress and allowing slowness, stillness and the support of props to provide deep relaxation. Breathwork that is accompanied will be gentle and also focus on relaxing the body.

May include: 

  • restorative yoga poses
  • guided meditation
  • gentle and slow breathwork
  • long savasana


Sessions: Unwind


Level 2 Sessions (Build)

These sessions are focused on releasing the body from stress while also building foundations to support the body. Some will focus on building gentle strength and others will focus on allowing for deep relaxation and building parasympathetic dominance.

May include:

  • gentle strength movements
  • opening poses to help release tension
  • breathwork with the purpose of strengthening the response of the parasympathetic nervous system (includes both activating and relaxing breathwork)
  • restorative yoga poses
  • savasana


Sessions: Restore & Rebalance


Level 3 Sessions (Energize)

These sessions are focused on moving and releasing stagnant energies that have built up while also providing practices to both energize and recharge.

May include:

  • activating breathwork to help move stagnant energies
  • shaking & dance movements 
  • restorative yoga poses
  • savasana


Sessions: Radiate


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