My Philosophy


My approach is about integrating all the aspects of yourself (sensitivity, the soul and the human self) as well as seeking to embody your truth to allow for the peace, joy and fulfillment that you truly deserve.
It’s not about doing “better” but aligning more to the inherent truth and love that exists within you. To shift from living life in an energy of survival and fear to creating a life that feels good, one that is rooted in love and trust.
The most captivating aspect of the path to embodiment is that the more that you allow yourself to exist in a way that is natural to your own unique way of being, the easier that life gets to be, and the more that you get to experience the ease, flow and freedom that we all inherently desire.
That by simply BE-ing your true self that you can share your gifts with the world and be of service in a way that feels good while also contributing to collective change.


Why Sensitivity, Soul and Human Self?

When you push away or reject any one aspect of yourself (sensitivity, soul or the human self) you will inadvertently limit your ability to not only tap into and live out the truth of who you really are but you also fail to see the full extent of the gifts and wisdom that are found through living in an embodied way.
Each part of your experience holds the potential for immense value and wisdom. When you integrate all of these aspects together you are able to live in a way that allows your needs to be met, allows your gifts to be unveiled and allows you to create a life that truly feels good.


On Sensitivity

On the Soul & Spirituality

On the Human Self & Experience

On Integration & Embodiment

The Path to Integration & Embodiment

While the path to integration & embodiment is not linear there is a process of building foundational layers that can help to reach that desired outcome of joyful fulfillment.
Let’s compare the process of embodiment leading to an experience of easeful self-expression and  joyful fulfillment to the process of building a house.
In order to build a house, it requires creating a solid foundation first. Every layer that is built above the foundation is impacted by the stability of lower aspects. If you were to try to build a house in a hurry, skipping steps and not focusing on a solid foundation first, the house would be at risk for collapse and might fall down.
A solid house requires for the land first to be excavated, to remove any rocks in the soil and to create a level place for the foundation to be poured. Then the foundation is poured and leveled to create a solid surface for the rest of the house to be built upon. The frame is then created next, followed by internal fixtures, the walls and then the roof.
In your own path to fulfillment and purpose the same process is needed. Each of the top layers is impacted by the layers beneath and if there isn’t a solid foundation (self-awareness + self-connection) the rest of the layers will be shaky and unstable.
Think of a house inspection, one of the most concerning findings is a cracked or damaged foundation. The reason for this is because to fix it takes a great amount of time, energy and money.
When steps are skipped it creates challenges down the line that can put the house at risk of collapse later. Everything above the foundation is impacted by the stability of the foundation.
If you try to rush the process, to skip steps, seeking quick fixes and shiny objects that seem “faster,” you will likely neglect to do the work that is needed to create that solid foundation. If you don’t work on the underlying reasons why your life is the way it is – it’s likely that the surface changes you make won’t be sustainable.
We’ve all had experiences where we’ve tried to make changes to our diet or exercise or even in our relationships but the moment that something challenging comes along we go back to the way things were. This is because the foundation haven’t been changed.
To create the life that you desire, it requires that you also work on the layers beneath. This will allow for sustainable changes to be made in a way that feels good.


Level 1 – The Foundations:

This isn’t just about noticing things about yourself, or being introverted, or constantly in your own mind. It’s a skill that is cultivated to build a deep inner awareness of the connection between your thoughts, emotions and energetic body. To be able to form a connection with your inner presence – to be able to hold and focus your awareness on specific parts of your experience for sustained amounts of time and be able to connect to the inner wisdom within. It’s hard to be able to make sustainable changes if you aren’t able to first notice what’s not working. It then takes building the skill of deep self-awareness to be able to explore the layers that exist underneath and to begin to create shifts in a way that feel good.


When you have this skill you will likely:
  • Be able to make the connection between your thoughts, your emotions and outward actions
  • Be able to hold your focused attention within your inner experience to see the layers beyond a present experience and sit with the discomfort underneath
  • Have the awareness of what is off and what is needed to shift and change
  • Be able to self-connect to your intuition and inner wisdom
Most often when self-connection is discussed it’s all about self-care, which is in fact an important part of self-connection. But it is only a small aspect of true self-connection, it is part of the path to self-connection. In order to achieve true self-connection it needs to be approached with the same vigor and passion that you would with a new person who comes into your life. To spend quality time getting to know them, their past, their likes, their dislikes, their needs, their dreams, their desires. Often we have no problem taking this time in doing this for a new friend or lover but if asked to answer these questions in depth about ourselves we would likely struggle to a degree. 
When you develop a deep loving self-connection with yourself you will likely:
  • Know what your needs, wants, desires, dreams are
  • Be able to understand your body’s unique language and be able to give it what it needs
  • Understand your sensitivity and how to exist in harmony with it in a way that feels good
  • Prioritize self-nourishment as number one
  • Move through life with intentionality and integrity

Level 2 – The Walls 

Emotional Resilience
This is about being able to create a solid emotional mid-point where you can feel at peace with your emotions and your emotional experience. To move through life with an approach of love, compassion and acceptance for your experience just as it is. It’s about becoming wise about emotions, what they are, how to sit with them and how to allow them just as they are. It’s about shifting from an energy of fear and survival into an energy of love and empowerment. 
This isn’t just about feeling for the sake of feeling. It’s about developing a loving relationship with your emotions:
  • To be able to recognize fear and ways that you show up in survival mode and to slowly shift into an energy of love and trust
  • To be able to recognize and understand your emotions – to form a connection to them, learn from them 
  • To know how to sit with discomfort and allow the your emotional energy to flow
  • To feel grounded within your emotional experience even when life feels chaotic
Energetic Alignment
This isn’t about alignment from a place of needing to be fixed or to be “better,” it comes from moving more and more in alignment with what feels good. To feel connected to your truth and to share your authentic self with the world with confidence. It’s about being able to know your intuition and trust it. 
When you’re moving from energetic alignment:
  • You create from desire and what feels good leaving behind creating from survival and fear
  • You are in touch with your intuition and trust your inner wisdom even when it doesn’t make “logical” sense
  • You make decisions from your inner authority and compass not from your head
  • You allow yourself to exist in harmony with what feels right and good – to your human design

Level 3 – The Roof

To fully and freely express yourself in a way that feels good. No more hiding. No more playing it small. No more trying to fit in. You are you. You shine your light. You take up space. You allow yourself to exist in your natural and beautiful glory. Knowing that existing in your natural way of BE-ing is your gift to the world.
When you are in full self-expression you:
  • Create time in your schedule to just BE (whatever that means to you)
  • Allow yourself to create from desire, passion and what lights you up
  • Trust that you are meant to create from a place of what feels good rather than what “looks” good
  • Share your light and your truth regardless of what other people think or if they will understand
  • Express from the place of truth and integrity – knowing that other people don’t have to get it or agree because sharing your truth is for you
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