Meditation for Self-Doubt

Meditation for Self-Doubt

by Jenn Berkelmans | (click audio box to download)


Somedays we can get caught in the energy of self-doubt.  The energy of self-doubt and the emotional spiral that often follows (fear, guilt, shame) is something that I’m very familiar with, both in my own experience and in my clients. Self-doubt is something that we all experience at some time or another. It’s a good thing to question ourselves, to bring curiosity into our experience.

But self-doubt goes a bit deeper than questioning, it often stems from fear and questioning of our worthiness as human beings. Maybe feeling like nothing you do is good enough or maybe that you can never do anything right.

Maybe you feel doubt and fear creeping up within – bringing up stories that you can’t achieve something, or that you don’t deserve good things.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is why I created this meditation to explore the energy of self-doubt and connect to the your deeper truth, one rooted in the energy of worthiness.