Meditation to Find Peace in Your Emotional Experience





In this 10 minute meditation you will be guided through your emotional experience to bring awareness and love to what is showing up and to find groundedness and peace within that experience.

Human Design

GATE 6: Impact


The Gate 6 is The Gate of Impact in Quantum Human Design or The Gate of Friction in Original Human Design.

The most loving and highest expression of gate 6 is about being able to maintain emotional energy that brings peace and sustainability while trusting in divine timing and in it’s fearful/lowest expression it is emotionally reactive and can even feel a bit desperate to make things happen.

There are so many energies that can be felt in the collective experience right now and it can be quite overwhelming. I created this meditation to give space to what is showing up, to sit with it and to allow it to be integrated within our own experience as well as collectively. Whatever we do on an individual level can also be felt within the collective.