Types of Meditation

Descriptions of the different types of meditation and what they offer. 

Mindfulness Meditation

In mindfulness meditation the focus is on noticing and allowing everything in your experience to be as it is. Noticing your thoughts, your emotions and your body sensations while allowing it all to be as it is.

Great for:

  • building body and emotional awareness
  • connecting to your body and emotions
  • increased focus and concentration
  • better understanding of internal patterns and behaviours
Body Awareness Meditation

In body awareness meditation the focus is on bringing awareness to the body and the sensations felt within the body. 

Great for:

  • increased relaxation
  • increased body awareness
  • greater connection to inner guidance
  • better understanding of your own body’s language
  • deeper sense of peace
Focused Awareness Meditation

In Focused Awareness Meditation the focus is on focusing your awareness on a centering point (word, image, phrase, the breath) and keeping it there. 

Great for:

  • increased focus and concentration
  • practicing unattachment and letting go
  • increased inner awareness
  • building your inner watchtower
Exploring Emotion Meditation

In exploring emotion meditations the focus is to explore a certain emotional experience or to better understand a specific emotion. 

Great for:

  • increasing your understanding of your emotions
  • processing and releasing emotional energy
  • better emotional awareness
  • feeling more grounded in your emotions
Movement Meditation

In movement meditation the focus is on mindful movement and focusing on your inner experience while you move (yoga, dance, walking, gardening). 

Great for:

  • increased focus on the present moment
  • increased body awareness and understanding
  • connecting to inner wisdom and guidance
  • better relationship with body and your body sensations – learning your body’s language
  • feel more comfortable in your body
  • feel more grounded
  • connect to an inner sense of peace
Relaxation Meditation

In relaxation meditations the focus is on promoting a sense of relaxation and groundedness in the body. 

Great for:

  • releasing body tension
  • relaxing into the present moment
  • connecting to a sense of inner peace
  • relaxing before bed
  • starting the day in a relaxed state
Self-Exploration Meditation

In self-exploration meditation the focus is on exploring your inner experience to gain better understanding, awareness and clarity around an experience or yourself.

Great for:

  • gaining guidance or internal clarity
  • increased awareness or understanding of self
  • connection to inner wisdom
  • exploring situations, relationships or challenges