So often we seek change to escape 

We try to flap our wings and fly fly away 

But what is really needed isn’t escape


To connect, to dig deep, to grow your roots within your soul self

Only then can you truly bloom into the beautiful swan self that you are

To step into the truth of your being 

It’s about being rooted firmly in soul and flapping your wings to freedom 

For without groundedness it is like putting fake wings upon your back and aimlessly flapping. 

Without being grounded in soul you will:

You will run aimlessly searching but feeling lost

You will ache for more but always settle for less

You will desire to fly to freedom but feel stuck in the mud 

You will desire change but sabotage and stay where it’s comfortable 

You will desire greatness but limit and shrink yourself to playing it small

You will dream of living fully but chain yourself to the shackles of the expectations of others 

You will desire connection but constantly disconnect and pull away from others

You will desire peace but continue to be drawn to chaos 

This is a sure sign that you need the groundedness of soul life. 

It’s calling for you. 

It’s waiting for you. 

It’s ready to help you shed the skin of old and grow into the beautiful butterfly you were born to be. 

The world sets its conditions and rules to keep you stuck. To keep you frozen. To stay in fear like a doe in headlights. To keep you stuck in the mud. 

But soul, soul wants you to transform to metamorphose into the winged creature you are. 

To be of both earth and air. 


Of both roots and wings. 

For this is what you were born to be.