Soul Coaching

Intuitive Connection

For the Highly Sensitive Woman

Join me on a journey of reconnection.

One of loving and accepting your body where it’s at

One of finding peace and safety from within

One of deep and absolute love that can only come from within yourself

Less on the to do list and more of just being.

Less of the how tos and more of deep connection.

Because after all that’s what we all REALLY seek. To feel connected, at peace, in the presence of deep and absolute love. And I’m here to tell you that all of that already exists within you, I’m just here to help you tap into it.


Anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion are your norm...

It’s like there is this big dark cloud hanging over your head and everything irritates you or gets on your nerves. It feels like your emotions are completely out of control, happy one minute then complete melt down the next. It feels like all the noise and the stress leaves you feeling agitated, anxious and overwhelmed ALL the time!

It feels like you're always putting out fires in your life

It feels like you’re always reacting to life, spending all your time putting out fires rather than getting to enjoy life. You feel pulled in a million different directions, to be the perfect partner, be a model employee, and good friend, and by the end of the week you’re exhausted but you still push to make time for everyone.

You want to make changes but don't know where to start

You feel called to take time for yourself and your health but don’t know where to start. You’ve done all the courses and listen to all the “gurus” but you still feel stuck. Every time that you try to make changes, it works for a little while but it never seems to stick. 

What Is soul Coaching?

s Soul Coaching brings the power back to you. Through the use of meditation, energy work and coaching you will be guided to tap into your inner experience, while also learning how to create energy and emotional awareness within yourself. This will help you to build a stronger connection to your inner guidance and intuition. 

As a Soul Coach I use many tools such as meditation in many forms (silent, guided, interactive/dialogue), centering and grounding exercises, chakra and energetic clearing, intuitive guidance and spiritual counseling. Each situation and coaching call is different and will result in different tools used depending on the person and what is needed in that session.

This form of coaching allows you as the client to learn self-awareness and build confidence in navigating your own energy and emotional experience so that you can can begin to unravel old patterns and beliefs and connect to the soul on a deeper and more authentic level.

As a Soul Coach I work on the principle that every person is different and thus what they need on their healing journey is also different. The energetic body is extremely intelligent, by connecting to a person through a shared energetic field I can help my clients to tap into their own intuitive guidance, open themselves to emotional energy and to live in a more authentic way.

Who Am I?

I’m Jenn Berkelmans, a coach for highly sensitive woman who specializes in energy work and guided intuitve meditation. I spent the formative years of my life thinking I had something wrong with me. That I was “too sensitive,” “too much,” and “too emotional.” I tried to make myself be like everyone else, I thought that if I changed that I would finally feel like I belonged and feel happy. It wasn’t until I found meditation and energy work that I started heal and figure out who I actually was. 

In starting the process of my healing journey, I realized how passionate I was about helping others to do the same. My hope is to teach other people the beauty that can come with feeling things fully and how to become the conduit for their own healing. After all you have all that you need to heal within yourself, all you need to do is tap into it.

What Previous Clients Have to Say

Jenn's voice was very soothing. With Jenn's help I was able to block out everything and just focus on the session and what I was experiencing. For anyone considering a session, I would tell them to come with an open mind and allow themselves to be completely immersed in the session. I felt so relaxed after. It was very therapeutic. The techniques that Jenn taught me were very helpful and I'll be able to use them whenever I'm overly stressed to help me become more relaxed.

Donesha N.

We healed some past stored trauma that I'm sure would have taken me a lot longer to get to alone. Jenn's assistance and direction was instrumenatl. My favourite part about working with Jenn was the amount of insight that we got in just one session. It was clearly wanting to come up and be healed. Jenn seemed to have a profound understanding of my issues despite having only just met me. She understood me. It can take others a longer period to do that. i'd absolutely recommed this to others. I got more healing and assistance with that than I was expecting. It's been incredibly helpful to my life journey. Thank you very much.

Marie O.

I really enjoyed our sessions together. You have a cool, calm, non-judgemental spirit and it's easy to share the things going on in my head. To other people considering a session, I would say that Jenn really knows what she's doing and talking about. She has great advice and is easy to open up to. Jenn's gentle spirit is a blessing and she really has a gift.

Christen S.

Living a soul guided life

I believe that living a true soul led life means living to our best and highest capacity as souls. A life that is intuitively guided, authentic in the truest sense, living from a place of love and acceptance and facing our truth daily. 

It means pulling back the layers of conditioned false beliefs and patterns and to begin to connect to the truth of our being, to the divineness that exists within each and every one of us. 

I believe that we have all that we need to heal ourselves existing within us, but sometimes we may need a guiding hand to help us tap into that inner light and power.

As a Soul Coach my goal is to empower you by guiding you to tap into your inner wisdom. To learn to navigate your energetic body system, to tap into your intuitive guidance and to learn how to find balance as an HSP while navigating life’s challenges in an authentic and fulfilling way.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve spent enough time looking for all the answers from outside sources. You’ve done the courses, downloaded the online freebies, watched webinars, and taken in all the information you can from the “gurus,” and yet not much has changed. 
  • You’re ready to take back your own power and start to look inward to find the answers that you’ve been looking for.
  • You are a highly sensitive woman who is looking to nurture your whole health, mind, body and soul
  • You are interested in a supportive, uplifting, environment for exploring sharing with someone who gets what it’s like to be a highly sensitive person
  • You are looking to start or further your own meditation practice (this is a great chance for people new to meditation!)
  • You’re ready to take some time away from the typical busy schedule and commitments and slow down and take time for yourself and connect to your body & soul 

This is NOT for you if:

  • You do not believe that change is possible for you 
  • You’re looking for a quick fix to the challenges in your life
  • You are not open to meditation or intuitive coaching

The soul is our most divine essence.

I believe that the soul is the most divine and authentic part of our being. It is our deepest truth. It is our most true self stripped away of all the falsities of life. Without fear, without doubt, without judgement, without hate. It is pure love and light.

When we are born into this world we come into it as pure light and love but as we grow up, we learn many untruths that we take on as “truths” which show up as patterns and beliefs about ourselves and the outside world. We pick up on how the world (family, culture, community etc.) wants us to act, what to wear, what to do with our lives, and who we should be in order to succeed.

This often comes at the expense of our health, our authenticity, and who we are as individuals.

As sensitive souls It’s even more challenging because we care so much but also because we are often misunderstood. We feel empathy and emotions on such a deep level that most other people can’t understand why we react the way that we do. And as a result we may get pegged as too sensitive, too much or too emotional. 

And then we start to shut down small pieces of ourselves to make ourselves fit in better.

To make ourselves blend in a little better.

We play it small to make other people feel more comfortable.

The thing is…

When you ignore parts of yourself and your emotions as well as block out parts of your true nature you create blockages in your energy field which put us out of alignment and can result in “dis-ease” in the body. When we are out of alignment we can notice effects in our physical body, our emotional and mental states. 

Soul & Meditation Coaching

Formats Available:

  • One on One Private Sessions
  • Group Session (2 or more people such as family, friends, or spouse)
  • Soul Sister Meditation Circles (held 2-3 times a year online)

Both Private & Group Sessions

  • Held online via online application (must have computer or digital cellphone to access)


As mentioned above, as a Soul Coach I work on the principle that every person is different and thus what they need on their healing journey is different. Some may need ongoing sessions, some may be looking to work for a short term (3 months) and some may need a more short term package (3-4 sessions).

Packages and sessions are put together based individual goals and needs. Prices may range from $120 – $2000 depending on what will best serve you and your goals best.

If money is tight at this time; “pay what you can” is available to those who need it. For those who aren’t able to work or are not currently working. Please reach out to

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