People often mistake reacting to emotion with feeling emotion and the reality is that they are two very different and separate things. Tune in to learn more. 

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Reacting In Emotion

  • We associate an emotion as bad or wrong through conditioning and we Ignoring & Pushing Away leads to a pressure cooker situation
  • We form patterns in our emotion — when someone says something specific or does something we may automatically react to it in a certain way
  • Because of reacting to emotion — we view the emotion as bad — leading to the same cycles

Feeling In Emotion

  • Means we can recognize the emotion that we are feeling without REACTING — instead we can explain what we are feeling and why or if not necessary not respond at all

Develop The Skill

  • Developing the skill
    • Bring awareness to our current situation 
    • Notice when we react — what emotions and feelings come up — it might not be what you expect
    • Bring the situation into meditation to gain more clarity around it
    • After we notice that a situation creates a reaction we can journal on it to help bring clarity
Well until next time my friends,


Remember …. It’s about loving yourself where you are so that you can get to where you want to go…one step at a time, one change at a time.


Gratitude & Hugs


Jenn Berkelmans

Jenn Berkelmans

Body Awareness & Wellness Coach

I help women with sensitive souls who struggle with overwhelm & emotional fatigue. I help them to reconnect to their inner wisdom and find the stillness within that will allow them to thrive in this chaotic and loud world while helping them to create their own map to health and wellness.

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