The Healers Path


The healers path is about embracing your own Healers story.

For many years, women, nature, and the feminine essence itself have been a thing to be controlled and kept hidden.

If at any time we showed up in our full veracity and glory we were deemed too visible, too vocal and too wild.

The Healers Path begins by liberating ourselves from the chains that have been placed upon us by society for generations.

The chains that tell us to play it small, to be the “good” girl, and to tow the line and stay hidden.


It is only through the path of self-liberation that you can begin to find your own truth and ultimately to live in a way that truly honours the fullest expression of your soul.

This path is not for the faint of heart.

It requires persistence, courage, and patience.

It requires that you be willing to question everything in order to find what is true.

Most importantly, it requires that you to own your own story…… all of it. The good, the challenging and everything in between.

To recognize and honour your roots, where you began, and where you came from.

Just as the lotus flower grows out of the mud and darkness, a healer often comes from a past of hardship and challenge.

But it is the experiencing of these challenges that further fuels and paves the way for the Healer to truly understand what is needed in order to heal.

It is the challenges that creates the pathway for the healer to grow their gifts of empathy, sensitivity, understanding and compassion.

It is through experiencing and holding space for their own pain that they learn the ability to hold space for the pain of others.

The path to reclaiming ourselves as healers – is not about reclaiming the word itself as we can never “own” a word, this in itself is an idea perpetuated by colonialism, that any one thing can be claimed, created and owned by one person.

Instead, it’s about reclaiming the parts of yourself that you’ve kept buried and hidden.

It’s about owning the parts of your story that you’ve felt are not enough or too much.

It’s about bringing light to the parts of you that you’ve previously thought weren’t worthy of being seen.

It’s about embracing all of what makes you, you.

The messy parts, the dark parts, the odd and weird parts, the boring parts, the too much, too little or too sensitive parts.

All of it.

There is much healing within this process itself.

At the core, each person has the capacity to heal, therefore, we are all healers.

To learn to love and accept all of yourself, even the parts that make you squirm to think about is true liberation.

It is only in this path that one can be truly liberated.

Liberated to exist as you are, within your truth.

Allowing you to shine in your own sacred glory as you were designed to do.

Sharing your gifts with the world.

This is the magic of The Healer’s Path.

Are you ready?

At the core, each person has the capacity to heal, therefore, we are all healers.

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