The Rooted Chrysalis Academy

A supportive and expansive year long container for Empaths, sensitives, and intuitives.
Become the woman who is so completely in love with being who she truly is that she becomes a testament to authenticity and inner love, dancing through life with such confidence and ease, lighting up the world with her smile

Beautiful butterfly hidden with the mask of a caterpillar.

Oh beautiful sensitive soul in a world of hardness.

I see you.

Your desire to spread your wings

Your desire to fly.

But you feel stuck.

Stuck in the “shoulds”

Stuck in the challenge.

Stuck in fear.

Stuck in the hamster wheel of life.

Stuck in who you’ve been told to be.

Beautiful butterfly it’s time to transform.

To carefully wrap yourself in the safe warmth of the chrysalis.

A place of safety, support and refuge as you begin your journey of shedding.

Of letting go of the shoulds, the woulds and the no longer for yous.

Pulling back the layers of untruth to reveal the light of who you really are.

To let go of the caterpillar and step into your butterfly essence.

To wear your wings with pride and ride the wind.

Dance, dance, beautiful butterfly it’s time to light up the world with your smile.


Entering into The Rooted Chrysalis Academy means entering into a space where….

You come home to yourself

You step into becoming the artist, creator and writer of your story

Making it 100% your own

You fully embrace your sensitivity and your natural gifts

You get to let go of the “shoulds’ and self-sacrifice and step into choices that feel completely aligned and totally authentic to you

Shedding what no longer serves you

So that you get to be who you truly are 

You get to create a deeply connected and magical relationship with YOURSELF

One that feels loving and comfortable

One that is based on trust, integrity, love and honesty.

Where you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin

Where you wake up excited + you go to bed smiling

You become a powerful example of what love truly is


Imagine waking up feeling excited to face the day knowing that you get to live a life that is 100% yours

You feel confident and at peace with who you are 

The choices you make

The commitments you make

Your sensitive nature

How you show up in the world

Because you are thriving and living your best life.

You are fully utilizing the power of your gifts.

You are connected to your wants, needs and desires.

Being fulfilled allows you to shine all the brighter.

You move through life authentically and in alignment to who you truly are.

Even when facing challenges you tap into a sense of ease and groundedness in your body.

Which allows you to interact with the world in a way that aligns with who you really are.

Compassionate, patient, loving and kind.

But also strong + courageous.

You maintain your boundaries and know your limits.

You are connected to your energy field and know what’s yours to process and what to release and let go of.

Which allows you to give more of yourself and still FEEL good.

Maintaining a balance of giving and receiving and loving both.

You feel grounded in your emotions and are able to move through emotions with grace and love.

You are connected to your body and tapped into your inner wisdom.

Feeling connected to the magic of life.

Thoroughly enjoying doing nourishing things for your body because it feels so damn good.

You are the woman who walks into the room and lights up the world with her smile and radiating energy.

Magic, love + peace.

This is for you if you desire….

To be clear about your desires and vision for who you want to be and the life that you want to live
To be confident and at ease with being your true and authentic self
To feel so blissfully content with being alone with yourself because you love your own company
To feel calm and at ease within your body
To experience deeper, more connected and more fulfilling relationships
To to so at peace within yourself and grounded within your emotional experience

To embrace your sensitivity and emotions as the gifts that they are

To experience more joy, more peace, more love than ever before
To be tapped into your gifts and abilities
To deeply enjoy nourishing yourself mind, body and spirit
To feel so deeply connected to your intuition, inner guidance and wisdom
To feel complete trust in yourself, your choices and your intuition

What’s Inside

12 Months Access to:
  • Magical masterclasses and transmissions (replays + live)
  • Visualizations + meditations that allow you become fully rooted in your practice and skills daily
  • Magical embodiment practices that allow you release + expand
  • Journaling practices to guide you deeper self-awareness + inner wisdom
  • Access to a community of like minded souls to bring inspiration, empowerment and support
  • Monthly Live Q+A’s with Jenn!!
  • A Monthly Live Soul Gathering with Jenn + community
  • Special member only content


    My Story

    At 25, I moved for my first job in healthcare.

    I was so excited.

    Finally all the blood, sweat and tears of college would be worth it.

    To be helping people.


    I very quickly realized that I was in the wrong profession.

    So there I was already burnt out from busting my buns in college, working everyday in a job that drained me even more.

    I was emotionally recovering from a recent health diagnosis and I was in a new city where I didn’t know anyone.


    I felt lost and lonely.

    Not because I was in a place where I didn’t know anyone, but because I was living a life that didn’t feel like mine.

    Like I did all the things I was supposed to, I went to school, I got good grades and I got a job right away.

    I should be happy.

    But I was miserable.

    What did I do wrong?


    I was struggling. 

    Burnt out.

    Exhausted. Mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Giving all my energy to a job that I hated.

    Trying to be this person that just wasn’t me.


    I felt like I was spinning on a hamster wheel of life.

    I struggled with boundaries.

    I constantly overcommitted.

    And I was very much a people pleaser and perfectionist.


    Until one day I looked at my life and said “is this all there is?”

    I see so many people who are happy.

    So if it’s possible for them then it’s possible for me.


    Thus began my journey of unraveling, of shedding the parts that really weren’t me.

    Of exploring and claiming my truth.

    Of learning and unlearning.

    Of shedding and expanding.


    The process has been both challenging and magical.

    I’ve tapped into a feeling of groundedness and inner peace I had never experienced before.

    I’ve allowed myself to open and become more vulnerable and develop deeper more connected relationships

    I learned the language of my body and tapped into its inherent wisdom


    I tapped into deeper levels of love and compassion for myself and others

    I started to create a life that lit me up from the inside out

    To feel so blessed and grateful for it all.


    I became that woman who just couldn’t stop smiling.

    Dancing in the streets.

    Playing in the snow.

    Laughing with my whole body.

    Finding magic every single day.

    Fully experiencing life in ways I never knew were possible.


    I know how challenging the process of shedding layers and stepping into new layers of truth can be.

    It’s why I’ve created this container.

    To not only share all of the tools, practices and skills that I’ve learned throughout the last 9 years but also to create a container for support, inspiration and empowerment while you go through this process.


    This is not a process that you need to go through alone.

    Two Levels of Support for Your Chrysalis Experience 

    What to do next:

    • Choose your level of support
    • Fill out an application
    • Once it is determined that you are a good fit you will be sent details + sign up link
    • Get access to private portal and link to FB Community
    • Celebrate yourself for taking this step for your future self