These are the top myths about meditation which hold people back from starting a daily practice. 


Myth #1 That in order to do meditation “right” that you have to empty your mind –Or That you need to wait until you’re “ready” to meditate


Truth: While the goal of meditation is to quiet the mind, having a meditation practice is simply how we try to get there. There will be days where the mind will be more busy and distracted and some days where it is more quiet. The idea is when you notice that you’ve started thinking about other things to simply redirect the mind back to your focus (your breath, mantra etc)

The key is to keep practicing. Like anything other craft the art is in the regular practice.

As with anything we won’t begin to have the benefits of something until we simply start. This means that starting where you are right now and go with that. Can you only do 10 or 5 mins to start? Start with that and see how that feels.


Myth #2: That you need to be religious or spiritual to meditate


Truth: While meditation is used in some religions and can be spiritual in nature it can simply be a tool for stress management, quieting the mind, and gaining more focus.

Meditation can help you tune into your deeper self (my definition of spirituality) but that doesn’t have to be your main goal.

Your goal may be to get a better sleep or to feel more calm


Myth #3: That you need fancy equipment in order to practice


Truth: I won’t lie that I’ve been eyeing up a beautiful meditation chair but it will have to wait for now. Meditation can be done sitting in a chair or on the couch, lying in bed or sitting on the floor on a yoga mat. You don’t need any special equipment or fancy tools. Just a comfortable quiet spot to sit and yourself.


5 Tips on How to Start a Practice

  1. There are a variety of techniques that can be used for meditation
    • Popular ways to focus attention are using a mantra, focus point for the eyes, focusing on breathing or focusing on what’s going on in the body.
  2. The key is to find something that you are comfortable with and starting with that
  3. There are many great resources out there to help
    • Apps:
    • Insight timer — free with music, sounds and guided meditations
    • Headspace — great for beginners and it allows you to do some beginning meditations for free
    • YouTube
  4. Create a comfy meditation space if you can — one that you can use on a regular basis (mine is beside my bed)
  5. Try to meditate daily for whatever timeframe that you are comfortable
    • Come with an open mind — curiosity and no judgement — be open to the experience
      • Don’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with but let yourself explore
    • Try for the same time of day to make it a habit (it’s the first thing that I do in the day)
    • Experiment and find what works for you

That’s it! It really is that simple. So don’t let your idea of getting things perfect or “just right” hold you back from the benefits of meditation. All you need to do is simply start.

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Well until next time my friends,


Remember …. It’s about loving yourself where you are so that you can get to where you want to go…one step at a time, one change at a time.


Gratitude & Hugs

Jenn Berkelmans

Jenn Berkelmans

Intuitive Wellness Coach

I coach women with sensitive souls who struggle with overwhelm & exhaustion. I help them to reconnect to their inner wisdom and find the stillness within that will allow them to thrive in this chaotic and loud world while helping them to create their own map to health and wellness.