Are you an HSP? Have you noticed that you seem to be stressed and overwhelmed more than the non-HSPs in your life? In this video I go over why that is and what you can do about it.

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We Notice Details That Other People Tend to Miss

  • Our senses in general are more sensitive
    • Smells – perfumes, smelly environments
    • Noises – busy environments, concerts, malls, busy places
    • Eyes – lights/signs
  • It’s the subtlties that other people tend to miss
    • People & emotions — non-verbal cues and mood
    • Books & movies — subtle themes and connections
    • Our brains take in more information than other peoples
  • Subtleties + added stimulus means we reach overwhelm quicker than other people
  • If we are already stressed — we are more prone to being overwhelmed by simulus

We Process Things Deeply

  • The insula — the part of the brain that integrates moment to moment knowledge of our inner experience and emotions, body position and external experiences — is more activated in HSPs
  • All of the details that we take in — our brain processes them to a deeper degree and makes connections 
  • We relate information that we take in and compare it to past experience and similar things — it helps us to remember things easier because of the connections we can make

What Does This All Mean?

  • Having the awareness and understanding of how our brain works in comparison to non-HSPs is importat because it means that in certain circumstances and during certain parts of our life we may be prone to more overwhelm
  • Planning self-care and white space during busy times
  • Having self-care tools in place for busy events and knowing your limits
  • Daily self-care practices in place to help reduce the noise that we experience everywhere else 
    • Calm home environment
    • Meditation
    • Sleep
    • nature/quiet time
Well until next time my friends,


Remember …. It’s about loving yourself where you are so that you can get to where you want to go…one step at a time, one change at a time.


Gratitude & Hugs


Jenn Berkelmans

Jenn Berkelmans

Body Awareness & Wellness Coach

I help women with sensitive souls who struggle with overwhelm & emotional fatigue. I help them to reconnect to their inner wisdom and find the stillness within that will allow them to thrive in this chaotic and loud world while helping them to create their own map to health and wellness.

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