I’ve said this many times but HSPs are prone to not only stress but staying in the stress response longer than the average person.

Stress as I’ve mentioned can impact our bodies in numerous ways.

In order to be able to take care of ourselves and our bodies, I believe that it takes three key parts.

Outside Expectations & Society

In our society, there is more of an appreciation for keeping busy, achieving big results and having “success.” Our values are to have more and be more. This can be dangerous because our personal value and the value that other place on us comes from how much we make and how much we can achieve rather than who we are as a person or living our truth.

There are so many expectations out there to do better and be better. Which can be not only overwhelming but also sometimes unachieveable. This is amplified by social media because all we see are the “good times” or what people want us to see.

Have you ever felt alone? Like you’re the only one struggling with your health or relationships or feeling alone?

From the outside it may seem like the people in our lives have it all and that they don’t have struggles. When the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

This can cause a dissociation from reality and we start to think that we are the only ones who struggle or get stressed. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

We all have things that we struggle with — we all go through tough times — no one is exempt from this.

We need to recognize that life will have ups and downs and that the world isn’t out to get us and also that we aren’t alone in the world.

Building Self-Awareness

The second part of this is building self-awareness and recognizing when we’re feeling stressed. So often we ignore the signals that our body is sending us and we continue to push ourselves despite feeling tired, emotional, or when we’re having sleep issues.

All which are signals from our body that are telling us that we need to slow down — to feel what’s going on. Instead our instinct may be to push it down and keep moving forward so that we can achieve our goals and “get shit done.”

When we start to recognize the little signs that our body sends us then we can start to make changes that support our health.

Becoming Self-Nurturing

Often how we were raised and how our parents or adult figures interacted with us is how we self-nurture. So if our parents were critical or had high expectations for us we may eventually reflect those same traits towards ourselves.  

This isn’t about blaming our families or parents as they were simply doing what they were taught as children and did the best they could with what they had.

However, it can help you to recognize how you talk to yourself and how you treat yourself.

As HSPs we have a strong urge to care for and take care of others and this can often come before taking care of our own needs. But if we do this for too long eventually it WILL have an impact on our health.

One of the things that has really helped me is to try to talk to myself and treat myself the way that I would a loved one. I would never talk harshly or critically to someone that I love when they are struggling, instead I would be understanding and show compassion. It also means that I try to take care of my health the way that I would take care of my loved ones. To encourage rest and self-care.

So when I catch myself being critical with myself — I’ll try to show myself compassion and understand that I was doing the best that I could in that situation.

When I catch myself working too hard and avoiding self-care — I stop and feel what my body needs. I slow down and focus on the necessary tasks in my life and stop everything else with a focus on my health and rest.

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Well until next time my friends,


Remember …. It’s about loving yourself where you are so that you can get to where you want to go…one step at a time, one change at a time.


Gratitude & Hugs

Jenn Berkelmans

Jenn Berkelmans

Intuitive Wellness Coach

I coach women with sensitive souls who struggle with overwhelm & exhaustion. I help them to reconnect to their inner wisdom and find the stillness within that will allow them to thrive in this chaotic and loud world while helping them to create their own map to health and wellness.