Options for Working with Me

Soul Coaching Session

A mix of intuitive coaching, energy healing, interactive & guided meditation, breathwork and sensing the shared energetic field to explore the energetic layers that lie underneath any life experience or challenge. Soul Coaching sessions are a collaborative process of exploring the energetics within the space between two or more beings.
In a Soul Coaching Session we come together within the shared field to hold space for what is presently being experienced.
We do so with the intention of creating a loving and compassionate container for any energies to arise and be held with non-judgement.
A space to be seen, understood, accepted and loved just as you are.
This process allows us to shine a light on the parts of ourselves that we have been keeping hidden and pushed away (unintegrated energies and emotions). These parts of us greatly desire to be witnessed, integrated and released.
Price: $122/per session / $444 for 4 sessions


Soul Coaching Sessions are great for:
  • deepening your connection to your own intuition and intuitive capabilities
  • learning how to process and explore your own energy field
  • learning how to explore what lies underneath everyday challenges and experiences
  • learning how to find the deeper wisdom that lies underneath challenges and uncomfortable emotions
  • learning how to navigate your emotions in a grounded and loving way
  • if you find yourself spinning in the same cycles/patterns and you sense that there is something more lying underneath
  • if you are struggling with follow through or consistency and sense that there is a deeper reason but you’re unsure what that is
  • if you are experiencing feeling stuck, lost and desire a deeper sense clarity about a situation, relationship or experience
  • great for both one off sessions that explore a singular experience or deeper challenges that require ongoing/multiple sessions

Human Design Sessions

How you view yourself determines the actions and the path that you take. Therefore, the better that you understand your natural way of existing and your truth – the more authentic and effortless your path gets to be. What often makes life feel more challenging and difficult is where we are living life from a place of obligation, fear or simply what we have been taught is “normal.”


What Human Design Teaches us is that each and every BE-ing is a unique expression of the Divine. Meaning you have your own natural and unique way of existing in the world that might be completely different than your parents and friends. The more that you try to be like other people – the more that you may keep yourself spinning in cycles of exhaustion, unfulfillment and burnout.


In a Human Design Session, you are guided through the wisdom, magic and information that is within your own unique Human Design configuration. Whether it be to explore and begin to embody the foundations of your chart or to dive deeper and find the hidden gems that make you the beautiful and unique divine BE-ing that you are – you will be guided in a simple, practical and compassionate way so that you can begin to embody the truth of your BE-ing in a deeper and more authentic way.


$155 – Inner Compass HD Session

$155 – Energetic Alignment HD Session


Intuitive Coaching Sessions

An Intuitive Coaching Session can call on any one of my cultivated skills or gifts such as intuitive channeling, oracle/tarot card readings, Human Design coaching, Soul Coaching, Breathwork, and Intuitive Coaching.
This is a very intuitive and heart centered approach that will help you to find a deeper sense of clarity while coming away feeling grounded and centered.
Price: $144 per hour / Packages available
Intuitive Coaching Sessions are great for:
  • if you desire to experience a intuitive coaching call with strategy vs. strictly an intuitive Soul Coaching call
  • if you find yourself spinning in the same cycles/patterns and desire a shift in perspective
  • if you are struggling with follow through or consistency and desire a new perspective
  • if you would like coaching that is based on your Human Design
  • if you seek guidance, support or clarity around an experience or situation
  • if you desire a step by step guided plan but also want to incorporate intuitive practices
  • you desire to access my range of unique skills in calls that may change from week to week


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